Lose Weight the Wall Street Way

Heather Bauer, RD, CDN and Kathy Mathews

Edited by Nan Frient

Heather Bauer, RD, CDN knows that the high-pressured, fast-paced workplace makes it hard to have a healthy diet. She's a dietitian with an unusual specialty; her clients are people with high-profile and high-stress jobs – bankers, lawyers, CEOs and CFOs – successful, hardworking people at the top of their field and top of their game.  

When it comes to work, they've got the world on a string, but the one thing they've had trouble figuring out is how to manage their weight. It's not due to a lack of drive or focus, and it's certainly not because they don't understand nutrition. They simply don't have the time because work gets in the way.

Bauer knows for some weight loss is not about will power, it's about strategy. That's why she's created a new kind of diet for people who don't have time to cook, shop or even make food a priority in their lives. The Wall Street Diet: The Surprisingly Simple Weight Loss Plan For Hardworking People Who Don't Have Time To Diet (Hyperion; April 1, 2008: $23.95, Hardcover) is a business plan for effective weight loss that speaks to pressured people who are looking for real results. This diet doesn't ask people to change their lifestyle or revise their lives, just work around it.

Weight loss is personal and so this diet is different for everyone and Bauer realizes that everyone has their "nonnegotiables". The Wall Street Diet is a unique approach to weight loss which is simple to understand (no restrictive food lists), highly portable (weight-loss on the go) and highly effective.

This book has many tools for success including:

         A quiz to figure out your personal eating ID and what kind of dieter you should be.

         How to deal with the office politics of food.

         Cheat sheets on what to eat at airport vendors, fast food, salad bars, bars, and buffets and more.

         The ins and outs of eating out.

         Business entertaining off the beaten track.

         Trim the fat from your business trips with the top ten weight loss strategies for business travelers.

Work makes dieting hard: The Wall Street Diet makes it easy. Finally a diet that can apply to time-starved people!  The Wall Street Diet is an effective weight loss plan that can fit seamlessly into a busy demanding, hard-charging lifestyle. If it can work for Wall Street it can work for you.