Golden Opportunities with Pradeep Teotia

by Chinook

Sometimes you’ve got to go to and fro, near and far to find the quality of things you desire.  Well here’s a golden opportunity for you.  One of the best instructors in the world, PRADEEP TEOTIA, is coming to Tsada for a transformational workshop! 

Tsada regulars know that all of our teachers have a great passion for what we do.  Why would anyone go to an instructor who didn’t love to teach and didn’t care about your welfare?  So, when we think about those teachers that we want to be a part of our community, we have some pretty high standards.  What are some of the things we look for:

Tsada Yoga Teacher Guidelines

         You care about the students’ welfare. 

         You project well and your voice is clear. 

         You keep a clean, fresh studio space with wonderful aromatherapy, lighting, ventilation and ambience.

         You constantly update about your craft. 

         You practice what you preach - asana, meditation, pranayama, love and respect for the planet, love and tolerance for

       others and the traditional principles of yoga.

         You make sensitive, physical adjustments on all practitioners.

         You seek and appreciate feedback.

         You observe the room and the students from different angles.

         You offer suggestions for variations and modifications based on individual needs.

         You make sure that your music doesn’t overshadow your instruction. 

         You understand anatomy and how the body works.

         You connect students to the energetic, spiritual and physical benefits of yoga.

         And, most importantly, you add a sense of humor when and wherever you can.  

The Teacher's Teacher

I mention these things because PRADEEP does all these things and more!  This guy is truly gifted!  I experienced his teaching at a Sport & Yoga workshop at the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas last February.  Here’s the wonderful part about this story – the main draw for most folks at this workshop was an unusual NFL player named Ricky Williams.  He stirred up some controversy a few years ago when he decided to quit the NFL and his $6 million contract to study yoga science and ayurvedic medicine.  He and another keynote speaker weren’t able to come.  Ricky had to cancel two weeks before the event because of a dislocated rib he suffered in the last game of the season. 


 I’m not sure why the other keynote had to cancel.  A lot of the participants were really bummed.  So the organizers flew Pradeep in from the Grass Valley Sivananda Ashram in California to fill in.  There was a bit of a tiff about this – some of the participants got upset because they came from so far and really wanted to see Ricky Williams.  I was one of them!  At the prep session for the workshop, we were all having a deep discussion about ethics, the cost of the workshop and what we should do.  I suggested that since we had already made the effort to get there, we should stay and give the remaining instructors a chance. 


Well to my surprise it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  Each one of the instructors - Swami Sita, Dr. Don Oyao and Pradeep, who we call Skandoor – was excellent!  Skandoor ended up being a welcome surprise.  We all loved his energy, his presence, his expertise and his humor.  There were several workshops going on consecutively at the ashram and we ended up having one of the happiest and loosest groups there.


                                                Sivananda Yoga


At the ashram, we practiced Sivananda yoga twice a day everyday for 2 hours each time.  To give you an idea of Pradeep’s power and magnetism, one day our group of 15 joined another of the classes on the huge yoga deck on the beach.  There were about 60 people in this class including our group.   After Pradeep taught at the big deck, all the rest of the people wanted to join his yoga classes.  It caused a stir at the ashram because his classes were just supposed to be for our workshop – it was a ‘yoga scandal’ or should we say a ‘yoga skandoor’!!  

Ok understand me when I say that Skandoor is handsome, built like Adonis, can perform any yoga posture, and has tons of energy!  Cool pics at  But that’s not what made him so attractive to all these folks.  Skandoor has this wonderful karma and he truly cares about everybody.  It comes through in his voice, through his body language, through his eyes and through his very sensitive, expert and gentle adjustments.  And one other thing – I honestly think he’s truly nave about how amazing he really is!

Be the Best you can be

If you really want to get into your best shape, mentally, physically and spiritually – this guy is bringing his wisdom, his complete knowledge of yoga, his caring spirit and humor  to you at Tsada.  If you are serious about your physical, mental and spiritual health, this is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to immerse yourself for 4 days in the company of like minded yogis, gathering in a spirit of love with a true yoga guru!  If you want to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk – then this workshop is for you!  Make a commitment to yourself for the full 4 days!  And if you can’t do 4 – then do what you can!  This may be the greatest investment you ever make in your own well-being.

User Friendly

The beautiful thing about the Sivananda practice is that it is totally user-friendly for all levels of practitioners from beginner to highly-advanced.  Sivananda yoga works on the high science of continual evolution and it will naturally open you up, detox you and transform you because of its’ perfect sequencing.  Each sequence precedes the next in a profound way to create healing in your body, mind and spirit.  For those of you who have experienced Sivananda yoga, you know what I mean.  Each session can stand alone but you will experience a magical transformation with the cumulative effect of several or all of the sessions.  For more information about the Sivananda Yoga experience - check out

Hope to see you in the Land of OMMMMMMM!


THU ~ AUG 28     6:30 to 8:30 PM      5 Points of Yoga

Thursday night's session will serve as an introduction & foundation of the practice of traditional Sivananda yoga as taught by the Indian pioneer master Swami Vishnudevananda around the world.  Enjoy a 30 to 45 minute physical asana practice and then a discussion of the origin of traditional Hatha yoga and the five principals of yoga.

1.  Proper exercise (yoga asana)
2.  Proper breathing (pranayama)
3.  Proper relaxation
4.  Proper diet
5.  Positive thinking and meditation

FRI ~ AUG 29      6:30 to 8:30 PM      Sivananda Yoga (all levels)

Friday evening's session will be a traditional Sivananda class, all levels welcome.  Class contents will include initial relaxation, pranayama, yoga asana, final relaxation with the specific benefits of inversion postures, back bending and forward bending asanas.

SAT ~ AUG 30     10 AM to NOON     Sivananda Yoga (all levels)

Saturday morning's session will be the continuation of the Friday evening session with a focus on mantras. hip-opening asanas (towards lotus) and more advanced inversion postures.

SAT ~ AUG 30     2 to 4 PM               Advanced Asana Practice

This session is specifically designed for yoga teachers .  The main focus will be on explaining, demonstrating and teaching advanced yoga asanas.  Also appropriate for non-teachers who have a consistent yoga practice.

SUN ~ AUG 31    10 AM to NOON      Sivananda Yoga (all levels)

Meditative class with a focus on extended holding of asanas.  Students will strengthen their yoga foundations and reach higher levels of mind control.  This class will enable students to understand the benefits of yoga in their daily life better.

Individual Sessions     $30 each thru Thu, 8/21 ~ $35 after

Full Workshop              $120 thru Thu, 8/21 ~ $150 after

Now pay by cash, check, credit card (MC, VISA, Discover) or PAYPAL on-line.

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Chinook is a co-founder of Tsada Yoga in Dallas.