The Happiness Revolution

by Blair Lewis, PA

I wrote The Happiness Revolution.  with a single goal - to help people become happier and healthier.  I limited my advice to that which is taught by the sages and personally tested in my life and with my patients.  I avoided empty philosophies and New Age psychobabble.  I relied upon my own teachers and mentors who brought solutions to myself, my family, and to the lives of thousands of others.

The book's answers and algorithms can be easily and personally verified - by you!  You will find easy step-by-step instructions.  All you have to do is try it.  You will probably like it; everyone else has, so why not you? 

The Happiness Revolution is revolutionary in its premise that true cures require you to take action and to take action now.  No more waiting for someone else to fix you.  You can learn how to help yourself without relying on a magical healer with special medicines or powers.  There are so many powerful things that you can do right now. 

Getting well is not difficult, it is just different

You can easily make your life different in many areas, especially with your diet - and, different can be delicious.  I think it must be delicious, as well as easy and logical.  It has to be.  To help you see these strategies in action, I will tell you about people like yourself and how they struggled, doubted, struggled some more and eventually succeeded.

If books came with guarantees, The Happiness Revolution would definitely come with one.  However, with right action and right intention, you can promise yourself as much success as you wish to strive for


The base trait of all happy people is their ability to hear and follow the guidance of their own conscience.  They know there is value in living a life that makes it easy to access their own thoughts, feelings and opinions.  A poor diet and poor sleep patterns are just two examples of things that can make so much noise in your mind and body that it blurs and buries the voice of your conscience.  I will share with you delicious menus and sleep strategies so that you can always hear the real you.

I will help you take your own advice and succeed in following that advice.  As you become happier, your life will feel much saner, benefiting all of us. For the voice of your conscience is the song of our planet.  It is time for families and nations to sing a song of cooperation and completion.  Unfinished business and unresolved issues can come to closure. Health and happiness at global and individual levels can emerge.


I believe that all nations and families are seeking this same solution. They want to embrace diversity, yet brace to maintain their individuality.  They want to have everything now, yet desire to preserve the planet for their grandchildren.  They want to feel better, but commonly settle for what feels good.

You will soon read that these seemingly oppositional goals and behaviors can be refined and remolded into workable, enjoyable solutions.  Both self-transformation and global health begin at an individual level.  That means it begins with you ... and me ... and them.

We will continue to emerge through all emergencies and challenges and find those self-evident truths that bring back joy and compassion.  I freely offer you this book as my contribution to fellow sojourners seeking help for themselves, their loved ones and future generations.

In my offering, I fully acknowledge that my words are not new, but represent an ancient lineage of success.  These authentic works are re-presented in a modern manner to match the needs of today.

All you need to do is start.  And start now.  


To download Chapters 1-3 of the electronic edition of The Happiness Revolution for free right now, click on the following link --

 Read them and see how they feel to you.  Then order the book so that you can carry it around with you.  Read it and re-read it.  Or better yet, order the "6-Pack Solution."  Get six printed copies of The Happiness Revolution at a huge discount and share them with your loved ones and co-workers.  Change the lives of six people and you will change your world.

May this little book help us all. 

* * * * * * Below is an excerpt from the cover of The Happiness Revolution * * * * * *

For executives, baby-boomers and spiritual seekers, this may be the first real guidebook on happiness and rejuvenation for the 21st century. Trained by yogis, pandits and swamis for over 30 years, the author takes us on a journey with his patients and teachers to find a lifestyle and personal philosophy for lasting happiness. We get to listen in as he uplifts distraught and desperate patients who are about to give up on life – the very life that can become the means for their liberation from all pain and misery.

Blair helps us see how our lifestyle contains all the elements for happiness, success and optimal health. He gives us the framework and the strategies to assemble all the parts and make life work for us. Using ancient wisdom, modern science and his 25 years of clinical expertise, Blair teaches us how to live a great life. Punctuated with heart-warming and comical stories of the lives of his patients and family, he makes his point clearly and poignantly.

His no nonsense approach is real and at times, shocking, on how he helps restructure their lives with his words, his recipes and his vast experience. This is a how-to manual on building self-esteem, gaining personal empowerment and the science of self-transformation. His recipes are delicious, his exercises are practical and his philosophy is easy to embrace. He shares with his readers the most refined and perfected strategies for time management, dynamic rest and rejuvenation. From menu planning to homeopathic medicines, from contemplation and meditation, to addressing global warming, Blair takes us into his heart and into the lives of his patients to show us how our life can be grand and our health can exceed ‘optimal’ as we know it.

Never giving up on his patients nor his own personal evolution to joy, Lewis is leading the charge for the next revolution – with wit, wisdom and a philosophy that loves all and excludes none. It is time for a Happiness Revolution!

Join him! Your family and co-workers will follow your lead. 

Choose a simple point of guidance from this book and make an effort to practice it in your life, and observe the results. For instance --

“When the relationship between inspiration (inhaling) and feeling inspired is experienced, then the significance of how you breathe will instantly be a high priority."

"If you worship any particular god or concept of divinity, write down the positive attributes your concept of god has and do your best to imitate these."

-Blair Lewis