Banyan Tree Launches New Meditation and Wellness Products

edited by Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady

Meditation and yoga are widely practised by people from all walks of life to achieve holistic wellness and health. In conjunction with this wellness trend, Banyan Tree Gallery has developed an extensive range of products for meditation and yoga enthusiasts. To further enhance the sensory experience of wellness, a selection of newly launched music CD collection under the Spa Meditation Series is also available. 

Music for the Soul

Appropriately titled Reflections, Timelessness and Ocean Drops, the three music CDs feature breathtaking photo images of pool facilities at selected Banyan Tree resorts. The Spa Meditation CD collection showcases soothing and enchanting tunes that are exquisitely brought together by exotic Asian instruments, beautiful vocals and chants. Ideal for use during meditation and yoga sessions, the casual lull of soothing music helps to attain inner harmony and peace of mind.

In addition to the Spa Meditation Series, Banyan Tree Gallery has also developed an exclusive music compilation titled “Under the Banyan Tree”. This  production features soulful compositions by Kevin Kern and Gandalf, reminiscent of Banyan Tree’s signature blend of romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality.

Yoga Apparel and Accessories

Made from high quality cotton spandex, Banyan Tree Gallery has produced a range of comfortable yoga apparel. Suitable for both practice and casual wear, one can choose to don a tank top, v-neck t-shirt or pants in shades of white or beige.

In addition, complimentary accessories – featuring the Gallery’s signature leaf and lotus motifs – like yoga mat and tatami cushions are ideal selections for enhancing the meditation and yoga experience.

Four Seasons Face Mist

A refreshing new addition to Banyan Tree Gallery’s selection of toiletries is the Four Seasons Face Mist Set, which comprises four aromatic facial fresheners infused with lavender, rose, orange and neroli respectively. Available in small handy bottles, the face mists are ideal for instant hydration when on the go, and help refresh the body and mind after an engaging meditation or yoga session.

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