An Incomparable Journey-Inside And Out

Why not try an adventure of a slightly different sort this summer? Colorado’s stunning Rocky Mountains set the scene for a journey of the mind and spirit as well as the body. The combination of meditation and yoga with a confidence boosting outdoor adventure will help you challenge all aspects of yourself. It offers the chance to return home feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the stresses and challenges of everyday life with more self-confidence and a real feeling of personal achievement.

This unique program is the fruit of Outward Bound's first collaboration with a meditation retreat center. Shambhala Mountain Center has offered its own wilderness-related programs in recent years, so it was natural for the center to extend its contemplative teachings and practices into a partnership with the popular adventure organization.

Participants will spend the first four days of the program engaged in meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices at Shambhala Mountain-accessing their inherent strength, confidence, compassion and courage. They will then venture forth with Outward Bound for five days of backpacking, camping and climbing in the Rawah Mountains and Wilderness Area, where mountaintops reach more than 12,000 feet above sea level.

"This is a perfect opportunity for us to stretch our minds and body, and truly be present to experience the wonder of nature. With the stress of everyday life, we readily forget how wonderful and precious our life and world really is," explains Brian Spielmann, Director of Marketing at Shambhala Mountain Center. "By combining meditation practices with vigorous wilderness activities, the wildness of our minds can relax, and we can truly enjoy ourselves, our friends and nature."

"It is in the wilderness that you have space to quell the distractions of contemporary life and begin to understand who you really are - your true nature," agrees Craig Steele, National Director of Group Programs at Outward Bound. "And by drawing inspiration from breathtaking natural beauty and meeting challenges in the wilderness, you can further realize that you have far more in you than your limited mind has allowed you to know."

About Outward Bound

Outward Bound USA is the nation's premier nonprofit adventure-education organization, serving and supporting four wilderness schools, two urban centers, and a primary and secondary school-reform program. Outward Bound programs emphasize personal growth through experience and challenge. Participants develop self-reliance, responsibility, teamwork skills, confidence, compassion, and a sense of environmental and community stewardship through all of the Outward Bound programs and courses.

About Shambhala Mountain Center

Shambhala Mountain Center, a leading Buddhist meditation and yoga retreat offers a wide range of programs, including meditation, contemplative gardening, yoga, contemplative education, Zen archery and Ikebana flower arranging. It is home to two stunning examples of sacred architecture: The Great Stupa, the largest traditional Himalayan architecture outside that region of the world; and the Shinto Kami Shrine, the only shrine of its kind outside Japan. The Shambhala Botanic Gardens feature a native plants garden, organic garden and farm, and native bird sanctuary.

Essential Information:

The program runs from September 2 to 10.
The group size is limited, so applications must be submitted by August 10, 2005.
Program Registration
Tel: 1-888-STUPA-21
9am - 5pm (Mountain Time), Monday to Friday

Shambhala Mountain Center
4921 County Road 68C
Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
80545 USA
Tel: 970-881-2184
Fax: 970-881-2909

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Edited by Erika Wright