Huna: Hawaiian Healing

edited by Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady

Huna actually means "The Secret" or the hidden teachings. Originally called Ho'omana (life force or empowerment), the system became known as Huna early in the twentieth century through the mistranslation of a curious newcomer to the islands.

From early childhood, Matthew B. James has trained in many disciplines, both esoteric and contemporary. But he is most passionate about teaching and living the path of Huna, the ancient science of consciousness and energy healing of the Hawaiian Islands.

One of the original names for Huna was Ho'omana, which can be translated as empowerment.

"And empowerment is what we are most lacking," says Dr. James. "We have given away  our intrinsic power to governments, systems, religions, cultures. For thousands of years, Huna has taught the path back to our empowerment through the integration of unconscious, conscious, and higher consciousness."

Huna is not a religion but an ancient science that dovetails perfectly with today's quantum physics. It is an ancient psychological system that kept the Hawaiian people free of mental disorder for thousands of years – until it was banned from the Islands. Huna has resurfaced in the last fifty years, and Dr. James's Huna instruction has attracted thousands of students, everyone from healthcare professionals to elite athletes to trainers in human potential.

"Basically, Huna says 'whatever you think you are, you are more than that.' Our work is to understand who we really are, then demonstrate that balance and power in our lives."

Huna: an ancient science of consciousness and energy healing

Prior to the nineteenth century, the basic precepts of Huna were woven into the fabric of the Hawaiian culture, creating a society with virtually no disease or psychological disorder. 

The foundation of Huna is comprised of four precepts:

1.       The Law of Cause and Effect
2.       Perception is Projection
3.       Mind/Body as a Neuro-Transmitter
4.       Individual Responsibility for Change

There are specific lineages of Huna that emphasize different aspects of the teachings. Dr. James and his family have been entrusted to carry on the Kuauhaoali'i lineage and the lineage of the Bray family. These lineages emphasize energy work and mental and physical well-being. Dr. James also studies with "Uncle" George Na'ope (who was named by the State of Hawaii as a Golden Living Treasure) and Etua Lopes.

Huna is an ancient science of consciousness and energy healing. Students of Huna come from all backgrounds, various religions, and spiritual disciplines.

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