Learn How to Sleep to be Sexy

edited by Nan Frient

The New York Times recently called sleep "the new bottled water," citing the United States' multi-billion-dollar sleep industry, with products ranging from a wide range of prescription medications to trendy "nap pods" in Manhattan. But for the estimated 70 million bleary-eyed Americans who report having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep each night, remarkable new research reveals a range of natural, easy-to-implement tips for restoring restful sleep each night, without the need for high-priced aids.

Among the sleep-deprived, women face particular challenges, ranging from hormonal fluctuations to demanding dual roles at home and on the job. Uniting the special concerns of sleepless women and the latest findings in sleep research, journalist Ellen Michaud and Reader's Digest Health Director Julie Bain share breakthrough strategies in Sleep to be Sexy, Smart and Slim: Get the Best Sleep of Your Life, Tonight and Every Night (Reader's Digest; On Sale April 17, 2008; Hardcover; $24.95; ISBN 978-0-7621-0931-9). {Insert Jacket photo}

Packed with discoveries about the relationship between a well-rested woman and weight loss, improved brain function and even sex appeal, this guide in the quest for rest features:

• More than 400 doctor-tested tips and tricks to attain life-changing levels of sleep, ranging from nixing email and newscasts before bed to walking six blocks during the day, along with insight into the connections between women's health issues and insomnia, as well as how relationships and emotions influence sleep.

• Dozens of compelling stats, such as the Harvard School of Public Health study that revealed the dramatic benefits of "hitting the reset button": participants who took half-hour naps daily were 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease. Naps allow the body to reset the heart rate, blood pressure and immune system to optimal levels.

• Pharmaceutical facts, with ratings of the newest non-habit-forming sleep aids, and a discussion of sleep drugs that can lead to weight gain.

• Quizzes, sidebars, interviews and other eye-opening segments to help readers tailor the authors' advice to their individual situations

Sleep should come naturally, but in a 24/7 culture it's now a commodity. Sleep to be Sexy, Smart and Slim takes a fresh look at sleep solutions.