Go Organic with Your Skin Care

edited by Nan Frient

Adopting an organic lifestyle provides a host of health benefits. Although more people are choosing to adopt an organic dietary lifestyle, many are not making the same healthy choices when it comes to their skin care. Choosing to use organic skin care products not only provides a multitude of health benefits, but can support healthy ecosystems worldwide.  

Health Benefits

Skin is the body's largest organ, capable of absorbing hundreds of toxins each day. In fact, up to 60% of certain ingredients in skin care products can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, potentially causing illness and disease.

"When individuals choose to use skin care products that are made with organic botanical ingredients, they are encouraging their own health and well being. Organically harvested plants are cultivated in ways that preserve the integrity and healing properties of the plant," says Michele LoBosco, CEO of Pure, an organic and natural skin care line. {Insert soap2 picture}

"Conventional skin care products are often made with plants and ingredients that have been bioengineered or treated with pesticides or ionizing radiation, whereas all-natural and organic skin care products can encourage your body's natural ability to flourish and maintain itself."

More Reasons to Go Green

Organic farmers work in harmony with nature, respect our water resources and build healthy soil

Organic products meet stringent standards

Organic producers are leaders in innovative research

Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy

Organic farming reduces the toxic load and keeps chemicals out of the air, water, soil and our bodies

Organic farming promotes biodiversity

Organic farming protects future generations

Organic farming protects farm workers

Organic farming saves energy

Pure is a handcrafted natural and organic skin care line made with simple and wholesome ingredients. All ingredients in Pure products are 100% natural and all products are over 98% organic. There is absolutely no animal testing involved in the production of Pure products and all ingredients are purchased from companies that implement earth supporting practices. There is no petrolatum (petroleum jelly), lauryl sulfates, parabens or pthalates in any of the products.